Freedom Fighter Babe of Gadar Movement of Sub Centre Dhudike

            If we have look at the history of Malwa region, then we canít avoid village Dhudike.  Dhudike was the village of district Ferozepur, after that it came under District Faridkot and now it is the well known village of District Moga.  In the last years of 19th century.  Dhudike was under the British just like other villages of Punjab. There were the years of Economic Depression. The farmers were going to U.S.A, Canada or Malaya for their earnings.  Some of them were compelled to join the British army to become a part of world-war.

Under these circumstances, Pakhar Singh and Ishar Singh of Dhudike went to America and Canada 1912.  There they felt the difference between freedom and slavery. The English hated Indians, it hurt the self respect of these Babas. Baba Ishar Singh in Canada and Baba Pakhar Singh in U.S.A came in the contact of Gadar Party and became the members.  According to party programme in 1941 they boarded an Austrialian Ship and returned India.  They started the activities of Gadar Party.  After reaching the village, they inspired some persons to join Gadar Party and with their efforts eight person of village became so activate that a Police Chauki was posted in the village. Whose expenditure was taken half yearly from the people of the village.  Thus, Dhudike became the sub-centre of Gadar Party in Malwa region.

Special remarks by the Judges about Dhudike:-

            During the decision of Second case juges said that there were there main centres of Gadar Party.  They were  Dhudike in Malwa,  Sanghwal in Doaba and Sur Singh in Majha.

            It is said that Gadar movement  failed but this is not the reality.  After  World War Ė I the Government wanted to pass Rowallt Act, which was made because Government was afraid of Gadar movement . Jallian Wala Bagh. Massrace took place due to the protest showed  by people.  At this time, on seeing the circumstances Mahatma Gandhi started Non-Co-Operation  Movement in India.  In December 1929, in Lahore session Congress, first time asked about the Puran Swaraj but  Gadar Party had been claiming this since 1913.

            Being Dhudike of  Sub centre Gadar Party in Malwa  region, the meetings of the party were often held here.  Some times meetings were held at Primary School, where master Phera Singh organized these meeting.  Some time at  Khoo (well/motor in the fields) of Baba Pakar Singh or in the cultivated land near the village.  Kartar Singh Srabha also took part in these meetings.

            This type of secret meeting was held on 2nd June 1915 at Dhoaba , Rajwaha (kessi) (a  dream of water). In it a scheme was planned to rob the Army Ammunition Depot of Kapurthala on 5th June 1915.  But plan was not fulfilled due to some reasons. But some Gadaris were given punishment of life time(umar kad) imprisonments due to participate the meeting on 2nd June and gathering on 5th June 1915 at Kapurthala. 40 Babaís participated in this meeting but Judges said  following Babaís participated in this movement.  Shaheed Baba Ishar Singh Dhudike, Shaheed Baba Banta Singh Sanghowal (Jalandhar), Baba Pala Singh Wada (Dhudike), shaheed Baba Roor Singh, Shaheed Baba Boota Singh Akalgarh (Ludhiana), Shaheed Baba Chanan Singh village Boorchand(Amritsar), Baba Pala Singh Chotta  Dhudike, Baba Sham Singh Dhudike, Baba Mohinder Singh Dhudike, Baba Pakhar Singh Dhudike, Baba Arjun Singh Jagraon, Shri Kapoor Singh Kauinke, Kapoor Singh was released after that . Shaheed Kala Singh Jagatpu(Amritsar), Shaheed Bir Singh Bahowal and Shri Nand Singh Dhodhar were not  punished.

            Many armed Gadriís came together out side the Kapurthala Cantt on 5th June 1915 to loot the ammunition Depot with the help of Havaldar Bhagwan Singh. Due to deficiency of arms and person this plan was postponed. To have some arms, it was planned to attack the Railway Bridge, Police Station (Amritsar) to loot some rifles. This is known as Kapurthala Raid happened in January 1915.  It is a special effort of Gadriís to permote the movement of  February 1915. Which was dispersed.

 Gadri Babaís of Dhudike

Gadri Shaheed Baba Ishar Singh

            He was born in 1881. S. Sajjan Singh was his father and Dharm Kaur was his mother.  He went to Canda in 1907 and stayed there till 1911. During this his two brothers passed away and returned to village to look after his parents.  In December 1912, he again went to back Canada . In 1914, he returned by a French Austrailian Ship on 17-21 December 1914. In Gadar Party he worked under the names of Tera Singh and Puran Singh.  He also took part in the attack of Kapurthala and Ferozepur.  Jaildar Chanda Singh of Nangal Kalan (Hoshiarpur), who was against the Gadari Babaís and gave information to the British about their activities, Baba Ishar Singh participated in teaching him a lesson.  He was arrested in 19 September 1915 from village Mana-Bhagwana of Faridkot Rajasat (State) with Shaheed Uttam Singh Hans from a dera.  According to police they had been residing their for last ten days.  An automatic Pistol, a Rewolwar and some bullets were found from them.

            The duration of this case was over on 30 March 1916 and he was sentenced to death in 18 June 1916 at Lahore Jail.

Shaheed Roor Singh

            He was the native of Talwandi Dusanj (Talwandi Bhangaria) now in Moga District.  But he lived at Dhudike.  His sister got married here. After the death of his Brother- in- law he had to live here due to some circumstances. On 2nd June 1915 according to the decision of the meeting, he was declare accused to rob the ammunition depot of Kapurthala and attacking the Police Party at Garden Ke and Valla Bridge at (Amritsar) and his property was taken. He was sentenced to death on 18th June 1916.

Baba Pala Singh Jathedar

He joined the British Army in the young age of 19-20 years.  When, he came village on leave he met some Gadaris.  He joined Gadar Party and left his job.  He was given a punishment of life time imprisonment and his property was taken. He was the one of them who broke the jail at Hajari Bagh (Bihar) 18 Gadari also came out of jail with him.

Baba Pakhar Singh

            He reached America in 1912.  He went there to earn some dollars like other Indians but he saw that slaves were ill treated and made up his mind to fight for Indiaís freedom.  He returned to India along with Shaheed Baba Ishar Singh by ship.

            At last on June 18th 1915 he was arrested and imprisoned in Ravalpindi Jail.  He was among those who broke the Hajari Bagh Jail.  He was freed in 1940 after 25 years.

Baba Pala Singh Wada
(Birth 1885, Death 25-10-1969)

            Baba Ji join the military Police of Burma.  In 1910 he left his job and returned his village. He imprisoned for 3 years for planning to rob ammunition Depot of Kapurthala at Sua (Sub Canal) of village Dhudar.

Baba Mohinder Singh

            He was alighted to take part in the activities of the Jatha (Group) of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh.  On this basis  he was arrested on December 19th in 1915 from Khanna Station (Ludhiana) and was imprisoned for three years.

Baba Sham Singh

            He was also alighted to participate in Dhodhar and he was imprisoned for three years.

Master Phera Singh

            His native village was Kot Sardar Jhanda Singh District Sayalkot.  He was a teacher in a school of Dhudike.  He was also imprisoned for two years for making the school the centre of Gadaris.

Baba Sundar Singh

            He belonged to Jhanda Patti and his fatherís name was Deva Singh.  He was one of the active member of Gadar Party. In 1915 when 12 Gadariís returned to India in 1915 by Calcutta S.S.Namsang Ship.  He was with them.

Baba Attar Singh

            Narain Singh was his father.  He was working as Granthi in Hongkong where he joined Gadar Party.  He also retuned India by Calcutta S.S.Namsang Ship.  He was imprisoned for three months for the activities of Gadar Party.

  Other Patriots of Dhudike

  1. Lala Lajpat Rai.
  2. Baba Hari Singh:- He participated in Jateo da Morcha.
  3. Baba Harnam Singh:- He participated in Guru Ke Bagh da Morcha.

Following Nambardars of village Dhudike were given equal position with Gadari Babas. Their nambardari was cancelled because they were faithful to Gadri Babas but they gave no information to police about them.  There were eight nambardars in village.  But the nambardariís of four persons was cancelled because they knew much about the activities of Gadari Babas.

  1. Nambardar Jeeva Singh Patti Kollu.
  2. Nambardar Kahla Singh Patti Baja.
  1. Nambardar Boor Singh Patti Kapoora.
  2. Nambardar Bishan Singh Patti Jhanda.

Although Dhudike was the centre of freedom fighters and other activities but there were some black sheep also who gave information to police time to time. They were:

  1. Pakhar Singh Nambardar.
  2. Nano mal(father- in- law of Dalip Singh)
  3. Narain Singh
  4. Naraina Kajjiha

As Dhudike was the centre of patriots it effected the neighboring villages also.

Uttam Singh Hans alias Ragho Singh

            He was imprisioned with Gadari Shaheed Baba Ishar Singh Dhudike from the village Mala Bhagwana of Faridkot.  He was picking the beans in disguise of hermit.  He was sentenced to death on June 18 in 1916.

Baba Roor Singh of Churchak

            He was one of the prominent member of Gadar Party. When The Britishers left the country even then he lived underground.  He participated in the police of the country. He died on 15th February 1950 in the hospital at Delhi.  According to his will his dead body was taken by Ajit Singh Paton to village Churchack.  Kansi Ram and Ganga Ram of Churchack was also  active members .

Mainda Singh Ji Dhudhar

            He was born to Mata Sham Kaur in 1887 at village Dhudhar. S.Budh Singh was his father.  He was also an active member of Gadar Movement.

Tirlok Singh Daudhar

He was born to S.Lehna Singh at Daudhar.  He was 15 Sikh Ex. Sapahi no. 4928.  He was expelled from Malaya.

Thaman Singh Kundan Lal Dhandhar

            They were active members of the Gadar Party.

Comrade Jai Singh

            He is still alive.  At the time of  partion of 1947, he hoisted the Flag on Kikar and help the Muslims by sending them to refugee camps safely.

Baba Dasunda Singh Ajitwal

            He was also effected by Gadar Movement and he was also appointed the cashier of Desh Bhagat Yadgari Hall Jalandhar and other important posts. Baba Karm Singh and Sundar Singh were also belonged to Ajitwal.

Kishan Singh Kokari Kalan

            To teach the people about their rights and to give awarness about the self respect the education must.  He started a school at Kokari Kalan.  The looms were also then in the school.  He sold all his property and spent on the school so that children of that area get education

Dalip Singh and Garib Singh Kokari Phoola Singh Wali

            They were real brothers.  They were born to Mata Sant Kaur and S. Bhagwan Singh. Dalip Singh was pushed by someone in the sea. Garib Singh ji played an important role to protest against Vancouver incident. He throw away his medals and Buttons. He was the President of Gurdwara at Vancouver. He worked for Gadar Party when he returned India.  He was offered pension through Sant Prem Singh ji but he rejected this offer.  The daughter in law of Baba ji Mrs. Parsan Kaur said that the Governments of the times did not value the sacrifice made by the Baba ji and the freedom about which Baba ji sacrificed himself still not achieved.

Munshi Singh Kokari Phoola  Singh

            He wrote the letter to Arjun Singh while residing in Brazil that he wanted to buy arms for the Gadar Party.  He was severely punished for this.                                             

Kapoor Singh Kaunike Kalan

            He was a school going child.  He joined the Gadar Party with the inspiration of Gadari Baba Bhagat Singh Balowal. He was present in the meeting of 5th June 1915 of Kapoorthala, in which the ammunition Depot was to be looked.

Arjun Singh Jagraon

            He came from foreign.  He was introduced to Gadari of Dhudike by Banta Singh Dhudike.  He made an impressive speech in the Killi Mela.  He participated in both attack of Ferozepur and Kapurthala.  He was imprisoned for life time

Hafiz Abdula Jagraon

            He was the President of Gadar Party in Manila. Many people became the member of Gadar party due to his inspiration.  He returned India on 28th January in 1915.

Other Gadari Babas of neighboring village also associated with sub-centre of Dhudike.  Dhudike was the centre of the Gadaris, when the movements for freedom flourish.

            From 1950 not only this village but also Churchack and Dhaudhar also adopted the communism. A conference is held at Dhudhars under the guidance of Mainda Singh.

            Many fairs are held in the memory of these Gadari Babas in this village and neighboring villages.

            Gadar Memorial committee Malwa.Zone and Desh Bhagat Gadari babe Yadgar committees are founded.  Every year on 18th June the patiriotic fairs are held in their memories.

Amarjit Singh

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1. lwlw lwjpq rwey:- (kWgrsI pwrtI)
2. bwbw hwrI isMG:- iehnW ny jYqo dy morcy 'c ih`sw ilAw[
3. bwb hrnwm isMG:- Awpny gurU ky bwg morcy 'c ih`sw ilAw[

Fu`fIky dy hyT ilKy nMbrdwrW nUM vI ZdrI bwibAW dy nwl sQwn id`qw jWdw hY[ iehnW ny ZdrI bwibAW nwl vPw kmwauNdy hI nMbrdwrIAW quVvw leIAW pr bwibAW bwry puils nUM sUh nhIN id`qI[ ipMf dy A`T nMbrdwr sn[ pr cOhW dI nMbrdwrI ies krky qoVI geI ikauNik iehnW nUM bwibAW dIAW gqIivDIAW dw izAwdw pqw sI[
1. nMbrdwr jIvw isMG p`qI kolU
2. nMbrdwr kwhlw isMG p`qI bwjw
3. nMbrdwr bUV isMG p`qI kpUrw
4. nMbrdwr ibSn isNG p`qI JMfw
mnu`KI ieiqhws iv`c ij`Qy ivkws hY auQy ivroD hY[ ij`Qy cMgI Psl hY au`Qy nW imAwrI vI hY qy ij`Qy dyS BgqI hY auQy ZdwrI vI hY[

Fu`fIky ipMf BwvyN ienklwbI sMgrwmIAW qy gqIivDIAW dw gVH sI, pr ie`Qy
vI hyT ilKy muKbr hoey hn jo hr vkq ZdrI bwibAW dIAW knsoAW lYNdy rihMdy qy puils nUM fwierI idMdy rirMdy:-
1. pwKr isMG nMbrdwr
2. nYxo m`l (dlIp isMG dw shurw)
3. nrYx isMG
4. nrYxw kJIAw
ikauNik Fu`fIky ZdrI dyS BgqW dw gVH sI, ies leI iesdw guAWFI ipMfW qy pRBwv pYxw kudrqI sI[ iesdy PlsrUp hI hyT ilKy keI dyS Bgq guAWFI ipMfW 'coN pYdw hoey[

au`qm isMG hWs aurP rwGo isMG

Awp jI ZdrI ShId eISr isMG Fu`fIky dy nwl hI PrIdkot dy ie`k ipMf mwlw Bgvwnw qoN igRPqwr kIqy gey[ ie`Qy Awp ie`k swDU dy Bys iv`c Kwx leI guAwry dIAW PlIAW qoV rhy sn[ ienHW nUM vI 18 jUn 1916 nUM PWsI id`qI geI[

bwbw rUV isMG cUhVc`k

Awp Zdr lihr dy srkrdw mYNbrW iv`coN sn[ dyS iv`coN brqwnvI swmrwjIAW dy cly jwx qoN bwAd vI Awp jI nUM Awpxw jIvn rUpoS rih ky ibqwauxw ipAw[ dyS dI isAwsq iv`c auh lgwqwr ih`sw lYNdy rhy[ 15 PrvrI 1950 nUM jdoN ienHW dI mOq id`lI hspqwl iv`c hoeI qW aus smyN vI Awp rUpoS rih rhy sn[ Awp jI dI lwS Awp jI dI ie`Cw Anuswr, auQoN AjIq isMG p`qo bhuq kTn hwlqW iv`c cUhVc`k lY ky AwieAw sI[ kWsI rwm qy gMgw cUhVc`k vI Zdr lihr dy srgrm ispwhI sn[

mYNdw isMG jI dODr

ienHW dw jnm s: bu`D isMG dy Gr mwqw Swm kOr dI ku`KoN 1887 iv`c dODr ivKy hoieAw[ ieh vI Zdr lihr leI Awpx qn-mn-Dn vwrn vwly kwrkuMn sn[

iqrlok isMG dODr

Awp jI dw jnm ipMf dODr ivKy s: lYhxw isMG dy Gr hoieAw[ Awp jI 15 is`K swbkw ispwhI nMbr 4928 sn[ mlwieAw iv`c Awp jI nUM Zdr dw pRcwr krn krky k`F id`qw igAw[ Awp AgWhvDU ivcwrW dy mwlk sn[

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Awp vI Zdr pwrtI dy srgrm kwrkuMn sn[

kwmryf jY isMG

Awp jI Ajy jIvq hn[ 1947 dI vMf vyly Awp ny rwStrI JMfw ApxI ik`kr qy hI cVHw ky pihl kdmI kIqI qy ipMf dy muslmwn BrwvW nUM j`Qy bxw ky kYNpW iv`c phuMcw ky AwauNdy rhy[

bwbw dsONDw isMG AjIqvwl

Awp jI vI Zdr lihr dy pRBwv hyT rhy qy dyS Bgq Xwdgwr hwl jlMDr dy KzwncI qy keI mh`qvpUrn AhuidAW qy rhy[ bwbw krm isMG qy suMdr isMG vI iesy ipMf dy jMmpl sn[

ikSn isMG kokrI klW

Zdr lihr dw pswr qy BwrqIAw iv`c AzwdI qy svYmwn dw Aihsws pYdw krn leI ividAw dy pswr dI zrUrq sI[ Awp jI kokrI ivKy ie`k skUl clwieAw krdy sn[ skUl iv`c K`fIAW vI lweIAW hoeIAW sn[ Awp AwpxI swrI jwiedwd vycky skUl dy ieMqzwm qy hI Krc krdy rhy qW jo ausdy ielwky dy b`cy-b`cIAW iv`idAw pRwpq krky sUJvwn ho skx[

dlIp isMG qy grIb isMG kokrI PUlw isMG vwlI

Awp jI dovyN sky Brw sn[ iehnW s: Bgvwn isMG dy Gr mwqw sMq kOr dI ku`KoN jnm ilAw[ dlIp isMG nUM bwhrly dyS iksy Zdwr ny smuMdr iv`c D`kw dy id`qw[ grIb isMG jI dw vYnkovr vwlI Gtnw jdoN is`K POzIAW ny ibRitS swmrwjIAW dy iKlw& ivroD pRdrSq krn leI mYfl qy btn vgYrw clw ky mwry sn, iv`c mu`K rol sI[ Awp jI vYnkUvr ivKy gurduAwry dy pRDwn vI sn[ Awp Bwrq Aw ky vI Zdr lihr leI kMm krdy rhy[ aunHW nUM jUhbMdI vI hoeI rhI[ sMq pRym isMG rwhIN pYnSn dI pySkS AweI, pr aunHW Tukrw id`qI[ bwbw jI dI nUMh pRsMn kOr (AkwlI pwrtI) ny vI bwibAW dIAW kurbwnIAW dw mu`l nhI pwieAw qy ijhVI AwzwdI nUM Bwlx leI bwby kurbwnIAW dy ky gey sn, auh AwzwdI Ajy nhIN AweI[

munSI isMG kokrI PUlw isMG

aunHW ies ipMf dy Arjn isMG nUM brwzIl rihMdy ic`TI ilKI ik Zdr pwrtI leI hiQAwr KRIdxy hn[ pqw lgx qy ienHW nUM sKq szw k`txI peI[

kpUr isMG kwauNky klW

ie`k skUl jwx vwlw b`cw[ ZdrI bwbw Bgq isMG blovwl dI pRyrnw nwl Zdr pwrtI 'c Swml ho igAw[ 5 jUn 1915 dI kpUrQlw vwlI mIitMg iv`c, ijs iv`c AslKwnw lu`tx sI, ieh ies iv`c Swml sn[

Arjn isMG jgrwauN

Awp jI vI bdySW qoN ienklwbI sn[ FufIikAW dy ZdrI bwibAW nwl Awp jI dw quAwr& bMqw isMG ny Fu`fIky ivKy hI krvwieAw[Awp ny iklI dy myly qy ie`k bwgIAwnw qkrIr id`qI[ Awp ny i&rozpur qy kpUrQly vwly dohW hmilAW 'c ih`sw ilAw[ Awp dwauDr dI k`sI vwlI mIitMg iv`c vI hwizr sn[ Awp jI nUM aumr dI szw hoeI[

hwiPz Abdu`lw jgrwauM

mnIlw iv`c Zdr dy pRDwn sn[ Awp jI dI pRyrnw sdkw pwrtI dy kwPI mYNbr bx gey[ 28 jnvrI 1915 nUM Bwrq Aw gey[ AMgryz srkwr Awp jI nUM Kqrnwk ienklwbI smJdI sI[

ies qoN Aglyry hor guAWFI ipMfW iv`c jo hor ZdrI bwby hoey, auh vI Fu`fIikAW dy sb-sYNtr nwl juVy hoey sn, auhnW bwry ieiqhws ivc Cp cu`kw hY[ smu`cy qOr 'qy Fu`fIky ZdrIAW dw gVH jW sYNtr irhw qy ienklwbI lihrW ies dI bu`kl iv`c puMgrdIAW Aqy pldIAW rhIAW[

g`l A`gy qurdI hY Fu`fIky AgWhvDU ivcwrDwrw v`l v`Ddw hY[ qkrIbn 1950 qoN hI ieh ipMf qy iesdw Awlw-duAwlw kI cUhVc`k qy kI dODr kimaUinst ivcwrDwrw nUM Awpxw lYNdw hY[ dODr iv`c bwbw mYNdw isMG dI AgvweI iv`c ie`k ivSwl kwnPrMs huMdI hY[

gl rukI nhIN hor A`gy qurI hY[ Fu`fIky 'c BgqW dI ivrwsq au`pr pihrw dyx Aqy lihr dy supny swkwr krn leI Fu`fIky ipMf Aqy ielwky 'c keI morcy srgrm idKweI idMdy hn[ ij`Qy Fu`fIky Aqy ierd-igrd dy ZdrI Aqy hor ShIdW dy ipMfW 'c myly l`gx l`gy hn au`Qy lok lihr vI au`Tx l`gI hY[
Zdr mYmorIAl kmytI mwlvw jon qy dyS Bgq ZdrI bwby Xwdgwr kmtIAW bx cu`kIAW hn[ ieh hr swl 18 jUn ZdrI bwibAW dI Xwd 'c AgWhvDU qy dySBgqI 'c rMgy myly lw rhIAW hn[ Bu`ly ivsry ieiqhws nUM lokW dI nzr kr rhIAW hn ik:-
clo clIey dyS nUM Xu`D krn, eho Aw^rI bcn &urmwn ho gey[

Zdr dIAW pYVW iv`coN "AmrjIq isMG"


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