Dohi Wala Chhapar (Pond)


            This pond of village Dhudike is near the gurdwara Chauni Sahib at the phirni (outer side) of the village. In these days Mistri Giana Singh resides at one side and there is Kapoora Patti and cremation ground of Patti Baja. There is a place of ‘Sati of Mittal Banias near it. Years ago chhapar  was at the phirni (outer area) of the village. History tells us that the founder of village Dhudike Gills’ laid down its foundation stone here. They came from Moga. This was a forest at that time. Pwople rear animals. This watery spot wars a special stay for them. The word ‘Dohi Wala’ seens to have its origin from the word Dhodhi Wala or Dohri Wala because people came to graze that animals here and they used to stay near this Chappar(Pond). There were Peepal, Bohar, Kareer and Jhand trees here. People used the water of this Chapar (Pond). The trees give shelter to all. The water of this Chhapar (Pond) was cool and clear. In the summer months Jeth and Haar (Mid May to Mid July) the Sua (tributary) water came here. People took their animals to bathe here. But these days had gone. Now water is dirty. The Baja Patti spent money to maintain this Chhapar. The wall of outer side is built. There is motor downward the cremation ground of the village. The fish seed is also put into the Chhapar for breeding. Now this pond is given for contract as fishery form. The water of the Chhapar is neat and clean. This Chhapar (Pond) belongs to  Baja Patti and income also goes to this Patti. This Chhapar had great remembrance of the village consisting in it self.

M: Hari Singh/ Beant Singh

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