Baba Banda Singh Bahadur reserves a great valiant among the Sikh stories. He performed as a bright Star during the ill timing of the Sikhs. He lead the Sikhs to defeat the Cruel Mughals. The great intrepid was born to Sh. Ramdev Bhardwaj (a Rajpoot) as on 16th October 1670 in a village and was named as Lachman Dev. Not more is available as for his childhood. But he learnt a plenty of Skills in young age. Hunting of a pregnant doe left an immense impact on him and turned his life. He left his home and adopted the Vairag. He made Janaki Prasad a Vaiaagi Saint his teacher, who changed his name to Madho Dass. He chose a place on the banks of Godawari river in Nander to make his ashram.

Meanwhile in Punjab, the younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs) were buried in the foundation walls by the Wazir Khan of Sarhind. Guru Gobind Singh Ji met Bairagi Madho Dass at his ashram at Nander, almost 1100 miles away from Punjab. Madho Dass was impressed by Guru Ji and said, “I am present Sir ! I am your, only your Banda”. Guru Ji made him Sikh and changed his name to Banda Singh and dwarded him the title “Bahadur” (the bravo). He psychologically prepared Banda Singh for taking the revenge and sorting out the problems created by the cruel Mughal Nawabs and Wazirs. Guru Ji gave Banda Singh Five Arrows, a war drum and Hukumnama (order issued for Sikhs) and sent him to Punjab for his mission.

As per the Hukumnama a big amount of the Sikhs joined Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. On his way to Punjab he got a bad news that Guru Gobind Singh was no more, but he didn’t loose his grip on his mission, After crossing Delhi, he started working on his mission. He occupied the kingdoms of Sonipat, Kaithal, Samana, Ghurham, Mustafabad and then Kapori. After that he taught a lesson to Hakam Usman Khan of Sdhaura and then won Banoor. Now next centre of his mission was Sarhind. He occupied the battle field of Chapter-Chiri, 12 Kms from Sarhind the bloddy war took place as on 12th May 1710, in which Baba Banda Bahadur fought very bravely and last won the battle.

Here was the turning point for the Sikhs, when Banda Singh decided to build a great Sikh Empire. He proceeded to Malerkotla, Mukhlisgarh and Nahan. He made Mukhlisgarh his capital giving new name Lohgarh and issued a coin in the name of Sikh Guru: Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Then he won the kingdoms of Saharnpur, Jalabad, Nanauta etc. The procedure of winning the kingdoms was going and on. By this way Sikhs become the owner of a great Empire starting from the walls of Delhi to the areas of Majha The Mughal Empire got a shock to know about that Bahadur Shah Zafar organized a great army of Lakhs of men and started for Punjab. By this time Sikhs had to step back and Banda Singh Fled to forests of Chamba. Here he was married with the daughter of the king of Chamba kingdom. On the other hand Bahadur Shah died in Lahore. This was good news for Banda Singh. He again organized his force and occupied many of his lost areas. In the meanwhile he married with another girl the daughter of Shim Ram Khatri of Waziabad. Then in 1715 he won the areas of Kalanaur and Batala. But unfortunately at the end, he was held in Kachi Garhi (Small Fort) of Gurdas Nangal. Banda Singh was brought to Delhi as on 29th February 1716 along with his 800 companions in the form of a procession. Banda Singh was tied up with chains and was imprisoned in an iron cage mounted on an elephant. At that time Farkhushier was the king of Delhi. From 5th March 1716, the brutal group killings of the Sikhs were started. They were killed in the group of 100 per day, which went on approximatlely seven days. Then there was a long silence for three months.

Then at last on 9th June 1716, Baba Singh Bahadur was brought out of the fort along with his remaining companions and also his four years’ old son Ajay Singh. They were brought near the Qutab Minar of Delhi, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur was given two options to chose from: the very first was “Islam” and the second was “Death” But Banda Singh opted for the second one the “Death”. Then firstly his four years old son Ajay Singh was killed and his heart of his son was given into his mouth. Then the Cruel Farkhusier order to killed the great warrior Banda Singh. He was killed very brutally and wildly. Firstly both of his hands and feet were cut and then both of his eyes were expelled then after he was cut into the small pieces. By this way great Sikh Emperor got his end.

He sacrified himself for the mission of the Sikh Guru Gobind Singh Ji. But I am very sorry to say that we have forgotten him. We ignore his bith and martyrdom anniversary, He is not provided with his deserving position.  But All India Bairaagi Mahamandal (Vaishnav) Punjab has been doing the job of his remembrance for last many years and compel the Khalsa Panth to think about Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. Oh successors of Panth ! The Shaheeds are very precious treasure of any religion and only that relilgion lives long who never forgets its Shaeeds.

Report of Canada Visit did 290th celebration of Baba Banda Singh Bhadur’s Martyrom Day

The 290th Martyrdom Day of Baba Banda Singh Bhadur was celebrated in Canada by All India Bairagi Mahan Mandal and with the co-operation of Canada cell on 24 June at Abasford, 25th June at Vencover (Surry, Guru Nanak Sikh Temple), 27th June at Cailgeri, 28th June at Edmonton and 2nd July at Tranto, Gurdwara Singh Sabha Moton. To celebrate the Marytrom Day of Baba Ji a delegation consisting Sh. Krishan Kumar Bawa President All India Bairagi Mahan Mandal, S.Jasvir Singh convenere, Hari Dass Bawa founder, Baldev Bawa President Baba Banda Bhadur Brigade, Rajni Bawa and Mohinder Kumar Bawa reached Canada. In all these religious function people pay homage to this great worrier.

The first religious function was organized on 24th June at the first historical Gurdwara Sahib Ebsford by S.Gurdeep Singh and Gurdwara committee. The main Martyrdom Day function was organized on 25th June at Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Bhog Shri Akand Path Sahib was ceremonised. After this Martyrdom Day function, different speakers talked about the unique sacrifice of Baba Banda Singh Ji Bhadur, who fought for the peasantry? Mr. Ashok Kumar counsellor General (Govt. of India) said that Baba Ji took revenge of the younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji by abolishing Sarhind. He also appreciated the Bairagi Mahan Mandal for celebrating this historical day. Member Parliament Sukh Dhaliwal said that Baba Banda Singh Bhadur made the peasant the owner of their lands and created a history which can not be ever forgotten. S.Gurmant Singh Grewal Ex-member Parliament said that Baba ji issued a coin and stamp on the name of first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Tenth Sikh Guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. S.Jasvir Singh Chairman Container corporation (Ex- Minister) said that we should never forget the unique sacrifice of Baba Banda Singh Bhadur who founded the first Sikh Empire. He further said that the Sikhs are the unique nation who prays for the welfare of all. Sh. K.K.Bawa, President All India Bairagi Mahan Mandal said that we should celebrate the days of martyrs all together. He said that he will spread the teachings and sacrifice made by Baba Ji to the next generation, residing in the any corner of the world. He further said that to celebrate the martyr day of Baba ji at International level should make coming generation keep in touch with his varied history and culture. Mr. Baldev Bawa, President Baba Banda Singh Bhadur Barigade said that in a short period of light years Baba ji created a unique history and gave the ruling power to the deprived people of the society. Convener S.Harbant Singh Deol thanked the gathering and said they will celebrate the martyrdom day of Baba ji in Canada every year. Beside them Mahan Singh Deol, Gurmail Singh Raqba, Gurmail Singh Narang, Avtar Singh Dhudike, Gurpreet Brar, Master Gurdial, Karam Singh Boparai, Maninder Gill, Harjinder Thind and Cheema also participated in these religious functions.

A religious function organized on 27 June at Calgiri, Mr. Art Hanger, Member Parliament especially participated in this function. The speakers talked about the different incidents of Baba ji and his valuable contribution for the society. Mr. Art Hanger, Member Parliament said that he was greatly influenced by Baba Banda Singh Bhadur and further said that he was very happy to see the progress of Punjabi. He said that Punjabis make a wonderful progress in all the fields of the life especially in Agriculture, Transport, Industry and Politics. He congratulated the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh and Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amrinder Singh. Beside them, Inderjit Singh Mullanpur, Gurdeep Singh Dhillon, Hardeep Singh Dhillon, Ashwni Bawa, Pali Virk, Nirmal Singh Grewal, Nirbhai Singh Grewal attended this religious fuction. Another function was organized on 28th June at Gurdwara Nanaksar Edmonton in which Bharat Agnihotri M.L.A. was present. In this religious function S.Jasvir Singh, Sh. K.K.Bawa, Hari Dass Bawa pay homage to this great Sikh worrior. Avtar Singh Mohie, Paramjit Singh Sandhu, Nirmal Singh Grewal, Master Niranjan Singh Grewal were also present there.

Bhog Shri Akand Path Sahib was ceremonised on 2nd July with co-operation of President Sh. Ashok Bawa at Gurdwara Sahib Sing Sabha Maltan. After this Navdeep Singh Bains Member Parliament said that the unique sacrifice made by Baba Banda Singh Bhadur and his history always give us inspiration. He said that it is an appericiable effort of the Mandal to keep in touch with history to the coming generation. S.Satinderpal Singh Sidhwan talked about the meeting of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Baba Banda Singh Bhadur Col. Heer, President Gurdwara Sahib U.S.A. Barjinder Bansal, Pritam Singh Gill U.S.A, Tirlochan Singh Saffu, Mohan Singh Raqba, Gurpreet Aulakh, Surinder Mahant were also present. Sh. Krishan Kumar Bawa was not only congratulated but also honored by Senior Citizen Council (Surrey) for his effort and said that they also co-operate the Mandal in future for organizing the function regarding Baba Banda Singh Bhadur. Education Minister, Legislative Assembly Ottawa Mr.Zone Zodwesky also honored Mr. Baldev Bawa, Krishan Kumar Bawa, Rajni Bawa, Jasvir Singh, Mr. Harbant Singh Deol, convener and Ashok Bawa President (Canada Cell) try their best efforts for these religious function and Canadian congregation also took part in these functions.

291st Martyrm Day of Baba Bhadur Singh Ji celebrated at Sytal (U.S.A) New Jersy.

          All India Bairagi MahanMandal celebrated the martyrm Day of Baba Banda Singh Bhadur. Under the celebration series a religious function was held at the Gurudwara Sahib Mahroli (Delhi) where Baba ji sacrificied his life for the humanity and these functions were also held in U.S.A at Sytel and New Jersy. On international level to take part in these functions a delegation from India reached U.S.A. This delegation consisted Sh. Krishan Kumar Bawa, Chairman Housefed Punjab President, All India Bairagi Mahanmandal, Sh. Nasib Bawa, Advocate Gernal, Secretary, Sh. Baldev Bawa, President, All India Baba Banda Singh Bhadur Brigade (Youth Wing), Sh. Boota Singh Bairagi, Advocate Genral Secretary. A religion function was organized at Gurdwara Sahib Sytal by Avtar Singh Grewal, Amandeep Bawa Dhudhar, Harbant Singh Deol, Conv., Canada, famous Dhadi Jatha of Pamal also recite different incident of Baba Banda Singh Ji Bhadur in the form of Kaveshri and Var. Different intellectual personalities also talked about Baba ji’s life and sacrifice model by him. The martyrdom Day of Baba ji was celebrated first time in Sytal. People felt proud to celebrate this day and hoped that these Martyrdom Days should be celebrated every year on foreign lands so that coming generation should remain in touch with their rich culturd heritage, history. On this occasion two sets of books written by Harchand Singh Sarhindi and Manmohan Singh Chandla, in Punjabi, English regarding the biography of Baba Banda Singh Bhadur, were presented to the library.

The function dedicated to the Martyrdom Day of Baba Banda Singh Bhadur was organized by S.Gurmeet Singh Gill (convener, America cell), S.Bhadur Singh Sidhu and with the co-operation of S.Boota Singh Hans at his residence in New Jersay (U.S.A). The Bhog of Sri Akhand Path Sahib were ceremonised Bhai Jatinder Singh Ji of Sri Nagar wale performed a melodious Gurbani Kirtan. After that different personalities talked about the incomparable history and unique sacrifice of Baba Banda Singh Bhadur, his 4 years son Ajay Singh and 740 Singhs and on different aspects of their lives. Boota Singh Khod said that this function is an appreciable effort of Mandal. He further said that those organizations whose duty is to organize these functions have lost their touch with Baba Ji and the people who remember. Baba ji must be congratulated. Phill Heins Incharge Barlington country also addressed the congregation.

On this occasion Mr. Nasib Bawa said that Baba Banda Singh Bhadur took revenge of the younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, sacrifice of Guru Teg Bhadur Ji; Peer Budhu Shah and he also issued coins and stamp on the name of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Principal Baldev Bawa said that Baba Ji was a man who did a great job for the upliftment of farmers who made them the owner of the land and a homophilic personality. He not only changed the history but also gave it a new shape. He also appreciated the hard work done by Punjabi people on foreign lands.

S.Boota Singh Bairagi also talked about the unique sacrifice made by Baba Banda Singh Bairagi also talked about the unique sacrifice made by Baba Banda Singh Bhadur and did not lose his word when the heart of his 4 year son Ajay Singh was thurst into his mouth. He sacrificed his life like Bhai Mani Singh Ji. Beside them Gurmeet Singh Gill, Bhadur Singh Sidhu and Boota Singh Hans also addressed the congregation.

Sh. Krishan Kumar Bawa, chairman Housefed Punjab, President. All India Bairagi Mahan Mandal said that with the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Baba Banda Singh Bhadur abolished Mughal reign after 700 years with in the short period of seven years. He said that it is bad to include martyrs in the narrow thinking of politics. Martyrs belong to all, so it is our foremast duty to pay homage to them by celebrating their days. He further said that we should never forget the sacrifices made by martyrs. We can pay homage to them by remembering them. He also made an appeal to the Punjabi, residing in foreign lands that they should also contribute in the progress and advancement of Punjab by giving their valued co-operation at village level so that they should pay for their mother land. He said that N.R.I’s contributing by permoting the Punjabi games (Khedan) and culture. They should also do an initial effort by celebrating the different days of Martyrs.

They should also start a compaign against drugs. The youth residing in foreign lands should know about the incidents of Martyrdom and we should be able to stop the frequent use of drugs in Punjab.Mr Phill Haines, Incharge Barlington country said Punjabi contributed a lot in the progress of U.S.A. The Punjabi work hard in all the fields. He also said that the books regarding the history of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur should be kept in the library so that the Youth may opt the right Path. A set of books regarding the biography of Baba Banda Singh Bhadur was also presented to Mr. Heins by the members of the delegation.

S.Sarwan Singh Vice president Baba Banda Singh Bhadur International Society (New York) said that Baba Ji made a unique contribution to the humanity. It is the foremost duty of every Punjabi to remember him; although he is residing in the any corner of the world. He also talked about the message to keep in touch with Punjabi language which is their mother tongue.

S.Rajbhinder Singh Badesha, Navtej Singh, Ashwni Mahant and S.Boota Singh Hans also addressed the gathering. Sh. Krishan Kumar Bawa President All India Bairagi Mahan Mandal was honoured by the congregation. The personality who took part in this religious function was especially honoured with the Portrait of Baba Banda Singh Bhadur, set of books regarding Baba Ji’s life and a shawl. Bhai Komal Singh Ragi, Sukhi Gill, Harjap Singh Aujla, Balwinder Saggu (Mullanpur wale), Harwinder Singh Virdi, Bunty Malhi, Gurpreet Singh Malhi (from Canada), Harjeet Singh Raqba, Manjit Gill, Rajinder Singh, Navdeep Gorian, Balraj Singh, Boota Singh Khera, Nirmal Singh, Jagdeep Singh Hans, Mandeep Singh Hans, Ashwani Mahant, Parmjeet Singh, Surjeet Singh Sidhu, Ranjeet Singh Sidhu, Ranjeet Singh Dhaliwal, Darshan Singh, Harcharn Singh Soni, Amandeep Singh Brar, Raj Bhinder Singh Bandesha, Madam Norma, Nirmal Singh Beeremi, Manjit Singh, Dalwinder Singh Dhillon, Sukhdeep Singh Grewal, Harpal Singh Bandesha, Sukhwinder Singh Mohie, Varinder Singh Bal, Jassi Singh Mahal, Darshan Singh Raqba, Gurmail Singh, Bhagwant Singh Raqba, Sonu and Kulwinder Singh Raqba especially attended this religious function.

Beyond the above said functions, members of the delegation held meetings in different places at U.S.A. and England. In U.S.A. these meetings are held at New York, Sytal, New Jersy, California, Los Angles, Bakersfield and in England the meetings are held an Wales, Reiding, London and South Hall. The agenda of these meetings is different challenges faced by Punjab in present days, decrease the interest of youth in drugs and female forticide. The other main topics of discussion are the progress; peace of Punjab.

In these meeting Mr. Krishan Kumar Bawa appericiated the efforts and hard work of Punjabi in foreign lands. He also said that the Punjabi bring laurels to Punjab by getting a respectable high position in different departments in world i.e. Agriculture, Transport, Gas stations, business. He also made appeal that the N.R.I’s should also revolutionized their home turns with their wisdom. N.R.I’s should help the students who are intelligent but due to the poverty, they are unable to continue their studies. They should also help those elderly and poor people. He said that with the help of N.R.I’s we can use the youth of Punjab in development of the state and country in stead of talking interest in drugs.

On this occasion Billu Hasanpur, Sukhdev Singh Purewal, Gurmeet Singh Gill, Bhadur Singh Gill, Mata Surjeet Kaur, Mohinder Bawa (Talwandi Mallian), Pritam Singh Gill, Navtej Bawa Bakersfield, Dharminder Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Amanpreet Singh Bawa were specially thanked by the member of the delegation for their valuable co-operation.

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